LATAM Airlines



My first project I was assigned to when I began working at Globant for LATAM Airlines was the web app to reschedule your flight due to a contingency or involuntary change of the itinerary of a passenger. The goal of this project was to minimize as much as possible the calls to contact center and therefore cut costs due to flight delays or cancelation. Before this web app was launched into production, all passengers were notified vía SMS that there was a change in their schedule. The only way to get information about their new flight or to change their flight was through the contact center or an office. Once the app was launched, passengers were notified vía SMS, email or push notification through the App, and were able to choose a new itinerary and check-in right away.


This was my first project working fully immersed in an agile squad. The squad was conformed of a PO, Scrum master, Dev arquitect, front & back end developers, a UX Content and a UX Designer being myself. We worked on two week sprints increasing with each delivery the scope and adding value to the product. My main responsibilities among others included:

Working alongside the developers and participating in all scrum activities.

Designing the UX for each user story that was being prioritized by the PO.

Wireframing, prototyping and guerilla testing with users each sprint.

Actively monitoring user feedback through Usabilla, Zendesk and Contact Center.

Presenting user research insights to our stakeholders in our sprint reviews.

Creating high fidelity mockups following LATAM’s CSS guidelines.


Flow diagrams

For each user story we would begin working on each sprint, we would have to consider all use cases and update the application flow diagram to avoid leaving out a use case once the story was in development.



If it were necessary, we would execute a benchmark or check up on the other digital products to see if a component had already been designed by another team.

This is an exercise we did applying the date picker that was being used on the Home search box and on the 'Change your flight' application to see if this component would work for our application or we would have to redesign a date picker depending on its use case for this specific app.


Prototype and user test

For each story, we made prototypes. Even if it had minor UI changes. Some stories would only include content change or adding more information, and prototyping this would help us test with our users copy comprehension.



I was in this project in a total of about 5 months until I was asked to take on the discovery for a new project which was Co-Branded Credit Card. Overall, I was very happy participating in this project. It was my first time working inside scrum team and got to immerse myself with LATAM’s complex business in such a critical project where our users where angry ones due to the cancelation or delay of their flight.

On the other hand, my team was amazing. We had a great scrum master which was nice because I got to learn all about the scrum ceremonies thanks to his expertise, and the team was so committed to the project that it was a great experience working with such motivation.

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