ComparaOnline is one of the most succesful Chilean startup founded in 2009 with backup from multiples VCs. When I joined the company in 2012, it had around 100 employees, with offices in Chile and Brazil, and in the process of opening one in Colombia. The original logo was designed in its early stages and needed a makeover. It had to be adaptable for web and mobile devices.


ComparaOnline’s old logo was making it difficult to use in small formats such as a mobile header, marketing ads, etc. The isotype with three round O’s used two thirds of the space and the name only one third. For some users the logo was not legible. The would read the word ‘Compara’ (compare) as Compra’ (buy).



We had a few objectives for the new logo that I had to keep in mind for the redesign. First of all, we all wanted to maintain ComparaOnline’s identity through the colors and the initial concept of comparing one thing over the other. It also had to be applicable for all formats, from desktop to mobile (and smart watch in the future). We needed to improve the proportions of the isotype and make it more recognizable for mobile. And last but not least, achieve a legible logo so the users would not be confusing the word ‘Compara’ with ‘Compra’.


1. Changed the typography, using the black version for COMPARA and light for ONLINE. This weight difference puts focus on the word COMPARA which is the company’s main concept.

2. Eliminated “.com” due to the fact that it was ‘old school’ and repetitive knowing that it is an online platform. This made the logo more efficient for the spacing and proportion.

3. Redesign of the isotype. We maintained the concept of the 3 O’s that refers to ‘comparing’ and also maintained the 3 colors of each O to maintain the graphic identity that had been built until then. The relocation of the isotype permitted to have a better visual distribution to facilitate its use and prioritize the word COMPARA.

4. Designed reduced version for mobile app icon and defined the minimum use of the reduced version.



This project was very challenging and fun at the same time. It was a great moment to try something different, but I’m not going to lie, I was a little nervous because of the high expectations the entire company had of the new logo. The results turned out great and the objectives of giving the company logo a new makeover where met. We were able to apply the new logo in different devices and sizes and the best of all, everyone in the company was happy with the outcome.


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