When I entered the company in 2012, believe it or not, the site was not responsive. It did not take a long time to realize how mobile visits where increasing and the urgent need to have the site responsive. We began making responsive first the products quote forms due to the fact that most visits landed there from google search. In these cases, the Home page would not be visited, but once we had the products' flows responsive, we moved on the redesigning the Home Page the same time the new logo was launched. This was very exciting due to the fact that the Home page had not had much improvement since the beginning of when it was a startup.


The old Home apart from not being responsive had much potential to be improved. Because most visits landed directly on the products' quote forms from Google search, the home was supposed to act as a welcome to first time visitors so they could quickly understand what ComparaOnline was and what products where available for them to compare so they could save money.

Screenshot of the home site before becoming responsive:



For the new design, there were many things that were kept in consideration. Apart from implementing the new logo, we designed a simplified header with the contact number more visible than before. We also updated the introductory copy to make it more attractive to our users. Other design decisions included eliminating the 3 columns that would classify the products, given the fact that it would not allow us to easily include new products. We also improved the information section of how it works, using images and recommending products to improve SEO and conversion.



This new design was launched on April 2015. I do not have actual data of conversion compared to the old one, but for me it was a challenge redesigning the face of the company and I am very happy with the result. I got the chance to help take ComparaOnline one step closer to being top of its class by designing its responsive site and making it more accessible through different devices and more user friendly. This design was in production until after I left the company in 2016, and now has undergone more improvements which means the team is still working hard to make the best comparison site in Latin America.

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